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Rigid inflatable boat with fiberglass bottom (RIB).
The new model RIB, RIB boat modification WinBoat 375R Prof. Different device deck section.
Rigid fiberglass bottom boat gives excellent handling and seaworthiness, cylinders made ​​of high quality PVC (density 1100 g / sq.m.).
Consist of three watertight compartments, which increases the safety and unsinkable boat.
Length (ft./mm) 3750
Beam (in./mm) 1750
Keel at transom (degrees) 12
Middle height (in./mm) 510
Cockpit length (in./mm) 2700
Cockpit width (in./mm) 860
Dry weight (lbs./kg) 59
Tube diameter (in./mm) 430
Tube PVC density (lbs. per ft. sq/g per m. sq) 0.2254/1100
Number of chambers 3
Transom height (in./mm) 15/385
Max outboard power (hp) 25
Recommended outboard power (hp) 15
Passenger capacity (adults) 5
Payload (lbs./kg) 750


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